Bamboo for Gaming

Why Bamboo for gaming

you ask?

It is extraordinary and unlike anything on the market. We have helped business owners make bad locations good, good food locations great, and great locations even better.


Build custom promotion list

Select only the players you want to send a promo too.

Create, save, and modify your players lists

Understand redeem percentages

See how many people redeemed your promo

Monitor your promo spend, see how it matches up to your NTI, FUNDS IN, and AMT. PLAYED

Set aggressive milestones

Ensure players return to YOUR location by creating milestones to work towards

Each time a players returns to your location the points add up


We have created custom tags for players that help you run your normal business. Player statuses like, banned, VIP, discounts eligible, or not eligible for rewards are all customer tags you can assign to a specific customer profile.

VIP Customer

Dicounts Eligible

Ban Customer

Not Elegible


Customer sorting features for each type of player. Each time a player visits a location they earn progressive milestones. Each time a player reached a new milestone like GOLD, SILVER, OR DIAMOND they earn valuable rewards that you determine as a business owner.



Business owner has complete anonymity and control over how much and what to give away. As a business owner, it is imperative that your rewards are conducive to your profits and NTI. You can increase your reward frequency and values as your business continues to be more profitable allowing you to balance the right amount at the right time. Reward your top players and keep them coming back.


Redeemable Reward